Vitamin D For Breastfed Babies

Having a baby is quite enough right? Feeding is already hard enough and if anyone has “my” type of baby, they don’t eat anything you stick in their mouths. My baby Elli was like that since birth. Other than a nipple and milk, she doesn’t take anything else. She would always “taste” the milk too before she starts gulping it down. It was odd for a baby to be so sensitive but that’s my Elli!

When the doctor said breastfed babies need a vitamin D supplement, I hesitated knowing that it’s hard to get anything in her. I went and bought the Enfamil Vitamin D supplement anyway. It’s where you have to give them 1 ml of the vitamin that’s sickly cherry flavored like cough syrup. I had a bad feeling about it but I wanted to try it on Elli anyway. I went home and put it in the syringe that it came with and squirted it in her mouth. She licked and gave me a disgusted look but went on drinking her milk anyway! Hooray I thought. 10 minutes later, she puked. I didn’t know whether that was due to the Vitamin D or whether she drank her milk too fast or she was sick! She was only 6 weeks old at the time and she’s never spit up or puked before so maybe she was sick? I didn’t attribute it to the Vitamin D yet. I re-fed her milk and this time she spit up again but less than the last time. She did this for about 4 feedings and I thought maybe it was time for her spit up phase. After the 4 feedings, everything was back to normal.

Next day came by and I fed her enfamil again. This time, she puked immediately. I knew it at that moment it’s the Vitamin D. Enfamil Vitamin D is really awful! I quickly searched on the web to see if my baby would die from not having vitamin D and it shows that babies with lighter skin colors don’t need it as much as dark colored babies. My Elli is very pale so I relaxed a bit. I’ll just put her next to the window a bit more and  she’ll get her vitamin D that way.

Now she’s a little over 4 months and she’s been growing fast at the 75% in height every time we go to the doctors so I know she’s fine with vitamin D and calcium absorption. I guess she doesn’t need it as much as I thought and I’m not kicking myself in the butt for not feeding it to her for the past 3 or so months. However, since I’m in Canada, the pediatrician showed me a brand called Ddrops. “One” drop fulfills the entire day’s worth of vitamin D and there’s no taste or anything. The pediatrician gave me a sample and opened it immediately at the office. He dripped a drop on my finger and told me to stick my finger in my baby’s mouth so I did. She licked my finger and thought I was playing with her.

That’s it. She ate it. No spit up and she was fine! I highly recommend this product! I usually don’t do product reviews but this was such a good find I thought I’d share it with you all. Don’t buy enfamil. It tastes gross. I don’t know why they want to make it taste like cough syrup but I would not even take it myself so why would I feed it to my baby?

One response to “Vitamin D For Breastfed Babies”

  1. We use Ddrops, too! We put a drop on the syringe with gas drops (smethicone) that we give our mostly breastfed baby each morning. He really likes the taste of the gas drops, even though at 7 months he doesn’t really need them anymore. I recently heard that mothers of ebf babies could ensure that their infants get the vitamin D they needed from breastmilk if the mothers took a high dose vitamin D supplement (4000-6400 IU/day).


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