You Don’t Always Have Time to Prepare an Art or Craft Session for your Kids, Here’s the Solution!

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I scroll around the web and I see these moms creating all these cool art projects for the kids, etc. I think to myself… yes, I do that “sometimes” but most of the time I’m so darn tired, what do you mean I have to think of another project for you to do??? Isn’t paper and markers enough? Books say open creativity! That’s my excuse for being lazy 90% of the time. To the moms who home school and keep up with the madness, I really applaud you (and think you have supernatural abilities) but I like to cheat a little bit.

My kids love science and they love, love, LOVE (did I mention love?) crafts! There are a plethora of science kits out there on Amazon and on the web now. One that caught my eye more than the others was Kiwi Co. I wanted something simple enough so that I don’t need extra parts from home and the kids can handle on their own. Voila! They have magic in a box. I would say their boxes are very age appropriate. We opened up a box where you learned about birds and made a mask and a bird wing/cape. My 3 year old, took the parts out, looked at the instructions and off she goes. Obviously I knew my 5 year old would get jealous so I had a second set.

They made it very easy for the children to start the projects on their own. They do include a short story that goes along with each project but my kids are the “dig right in” type and dismissed that storybook/activity book all together. There’s a separate instruction manual that’s laid out in easy format for kids to see so it’s as hands off as it can be. The best part is… it’s all in one box. No, you don’t need to go get water or milk or baking soda and no, they are not messy to do!

There are many other companies out there like this but I think this company is more craft oriented and incorporates science within so it’s a good balance for our little kids right now. They do subscriptions but they also sell the kits separately!!! Many people do not know they sell the kits on their store page so if you’re like me and just wants to hoard a bunch of stuff quickly so you have “emergency” kits available for rainy days and holidays, go to their store page and click the crates you like! I like this option so much better than waiting for a box a month. I can pick the crates I like and it’s there when I want it. They sometimes have sale on their individual crates. You just have to wait for a coupon. They do have a referral code where you save $10. I could share that HERE┬ábut you have to know you only get $10 for referring if your friend does a subscription which I am not recommending here. You can also get 30% off your first month if you sign up for their monthly email. I’d say skip all this referral stuff and the first month stuff by just buying what you want off their store. So much easier… I personally hate subscriptions.

I have about 15+ crates stored up for this winter break… YES!

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