Using Legos as an Educational Tool with Preschool Children

Everyone loves legos. It keeps the kids occupied and they get to explore their creative side. I had no issues with Legos but found it annoying that they came in these boxes with pre selected parts and how to put together the parts. It limits the creativity of the kids and they feel like there’s only ONE way to build those Legos. I’m all about creativity and self exploration so I went and searched how best to use these much popular Legos. I found that older children used it for engineering projects to build large buildings and structures. That’s great but what about little children? They don’t advertise this and not many people have these but Legos has an education line! Two of my favorite is their Tubes line and their Tech Machines set in their education line show above. Here’s the link to buy it:

Tech Machines Set for Problem Solving and Fine Motor Skills by LEGO Education DUPLO

It’s very open ended and they get to create machines! They have these screwdrivers that screw items together and the way you attach it needs to make sense or else the machine won’t roll or won’t stay together. It actually takes some brain instead of stacking.


You can buy this HERE. Tubes Experiment Set for Problem Solving and Fine Motor Skills by LEGO Education DUPLO.

The tubes part is very fun. There are balls in the set and you get to build slides, etc. and make the balls flow through the tubes and I love how it’s compatible with all the other lego pieces so I don’t have to go buy another toy line and have multiple different toys lying around that aren’t compatible.

The third line that I have but it’s HIDDEN on their site is the Early Simple Machines set. Early Simple Machines for Kindergarten STEM by LEGO Education DUPLO


This one has gears! You know the famous Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! toy that’s out there? It’s like that except it takes even more brain. You need to know how one gear interacts with another and you can create merry go rounds, egg beaters, etc. This is all Duplo size! It comes with some items you can already made and big picture boards that allow you to follow their ideas but the best part is after your kids do the simple machines, they can think of more way to build the same thing using these spinning gears. Watch out! If you don’t put them in and use your brain, it will not turn. I recommend this for children at least 4+ (for very early brain learning) and 5+ if you want to challenge them.

Here are some photos of my kids playing with these!

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