One Hour Project with Your Kids with Broken Crayons

I found this nice idea to use your old crayons and make them new again. I found this from this site that explains how to do this. The only thing different I did was find cuter molds off Amazon! You can search “cute silicone molds for chocolates.” You’ll get anything from animals to hello kitty to emojis. Try it! I’ve taken these little things with us to parks, restaurants, long car rides, and given them out as favors. My girls love these. The best is when there are multiple colors and they love to draw with multiple colors and see how the colors change.

One suggestion I do have is when buying crayons, I always buy “dry erase” crayons. It goes with all the other tools I use at home and I can EASILY wipe them off ANYTHING. The other thing is that their colors are “bolder” and glide on paper much much easier than regular crayon. Other people don’t know this but dry erase crayons make the pictures so much more beautiful because it’s so much easier to get the color out on paper! They glide almost like oil pastels!



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