Create Your Own Puzzle (How to Kill 2 Hours on a Rainy Day With Your Kids)

My children were into a puzzle phase (I’ll do a review of the puzzles we have later) and it turned to a point where it’s not enough to just do the puzzles at home. I always like to spark their creativity (and kill some time they have and gain some quiet time for me – ha). Here’s a great project I found on Amazon Blank Puzzles. You can create your own puzzle. You can paint on it, use marker or use oil pastel (but that could get messy when they’re actually trying to take apart and put the puzzle back together). I love watercolor and acrylic paints. For smaller children, watercolor and tempera paints would be better because they are washable. For older children, use acrylic paints because of how bright and bold the colors will stay. If you do use acrylic paints, after you paint it, make sure you pull apart the puzzle before it’s fully dried or else the colors may make the puzzle stick together and may get peeled off when you pull the puzzle apart later. Moms that just want to take it easy use markers or crayons!

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