How to Trick Your Children into Practice Writing Letters (Chinese and English)

Children waste paper. Children waste paper. Children waste a lot of paper. There’s also miscellaneous paper they love throwing everywhere. There’s the frequent folded up paper they said it’s a “letter” to someone found under the bed, under the table, in a cabinet. When I open them up, it has only one word or it’s something they drew randomly. Let’s just say, I really hate cleaning up miscellaneous paper everyday. This is why I wanted practice worksheets to be as easy as possible. I find that little kids love using markers too and being able to “erase” their writing with a cloth is super fun and before you know it, they’re writing and erasing, writing and erasing, writing and…you get the point. They get tricked to write more than they were supposed to all because it feels fun.

Get a $20 laminating machine from Amazon (Thermal Laminator). Buy some laminating pouches and laminate your worksheets. Then use dry erase markers. Voila. No need to buy any fancy worksheets that you use only once. I printed my own worksheets because I like customizing them. Then they can do it over and over and over again.


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