Citiblocs Provides Multi-Age Learning


Most of you who know me figured I never like toys that are one ended or targeted towards only one age group. If I get bored with my kids, I’ll never appear lively. I think the number one reason we’re so tired playing with kids is due to the fact some toys are PLAIN BORING. Push button toys lack creativity. They exhibit one response and plays the same messages over and over again. I hate them and I don’t have much in the house other than those we acquired through gifts and when I provide so many open ended toys for the kids, they easily gravitate away from those push button toys and go for the ones that allows for creativity.

I love building toys. If it’s a building toy, I probably have it. I love building toys that are super open ended and those that I love playing with myself. If I’m going to play with the kids, I might as well enjoy it myself and play with some stuff myself.

I found Citiblocs super addictive. They are super versatile. You can:

  • get really complex and build huge buildings or you can start with small structures.
  • write words and letters on the floor with them.
  • learn to stack.
  • teach colors and numbers.
  • teach shapes with them.
  • make imaginary homes for your stuffed animals or lego animals.
  • improve motor skills while building since it requires balance.
  • the list goes on.

I love how simple they are. One shape, complete flat to easily stack. My husband and I have equal fun playing with the kids and “playing” the kids while they are our props.

You can buy different colors and here is a great set:

Hot Colored Set 

Greens Calming Set

Blues and Cool Colors Set

There’s a lot of photos of what people built online for kids when they get older. This toy can be played until they are out of grade school! I’d say, adults like playing with it too.


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