Book Review: 小蠶豆系列 – Fava Bean Collection

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Age: 3-5 with parents, 5+ read by themselves

This set contains 5 books. You can find them in the following links:

小蠶豆和好長好長的豆子– Fava and the Long Bean

 小蠶豆的床 – Fava’s Bed

小蠶豆的一天 – Fava’s Day

小蠶豆的新床 – Fava’s New Bed

小蠶豆與小(魚將)魚 – Fava and the Lost Fish

This is a collection that will be an all time favorite in our house. It’s the adventures of the cute little fava bean. There are stories about his fluffy little bed and how his bed was better than others only to find each bed has their own benefits. It has stories about how he lost his bed only to find his bed was put to good use by others. The illustrations and heart warming stories are irresistible in our home. It is one of those sets that you’ll go back to time after time.

Each story has a lesson learned by small Fava. In the Lost Fish, every type of bean used their bean beds to go rafting and have fun but Fava didn’t want to use his because he was afraid it’ll get wet and he likes his bed very “fluffy” and nice. He rode on someone else’s bed and then both fell in the water only to meet a lost fish. The fish was washed away from his own river by the rain. They wanted to transport the fish back to it’s own waters and the only way is to use a large bean bed filled with water and only Fava’s bed was large enough to fit the little fish. He willingly used his bed to transport the fish back to his own home. He sacrificed his bed being wet for the little fish and helped a friend in need. Then at the end of the day, all the little beans slept on the floor because their beds were still wet. They slept on the floor happy because they saved a little fish. Every story shows how Little Fava changes from being selfish or arrogant, etc. and learning how to be better in the end.

For difficulty in Chinese, I think after you have the first 500 words, you can start reading to yourself in this book with a few new vocabulary that you can check up and learn on your own. The language is easy to understand and contains very healthy loving stories.

  • 作者:中屋美和
  • 出版社:青林

Please note that graphics shown above are scanned and will have resolution or quality less than the actual book. The actual book has even more vibrant colors.

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