Book Review: 短耳兔系列 – Short Eared Rabbit

Suitable Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ by themselves

This series is composed of 3 books, all hardcover. Each story again gives a lesson.

短耳兔系列 – 全3冊 – Entire Series and Collection (link shows where to buy)

By Individual Titles and where to buy them:

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These books give just enough words to tell a good story. It’s about 32-40 pages in length but enough words for you to get into the characters. The first book starts off with a rabbit that was born with short ears. Her ears always bothered her and she tried every which way to make her ears grow longer but they just didn’t. So one day she decided to make her own ears with bread and she glued it on with molasses. Although she now had long ears, she also had tasty ears. The aroma of her ears fled into the air and drew a huge eagle to come and grab her. Luckily her fake bread ears broke off. In the end, she was happy with her short ears and decided to bake rabbit ears and open up a bakery for large eagles. Happy story with a nice moral that you should be happy with yourself.

The second and third books also have a moral in each one. Elephant book talks about how you cannot treat a friend poorly if your friend needs help because they could be the ones who are helping you in the end. Third book talks about rabbit getting a zero on her exam and trying to hide her score.

Publisher: 親子天下

Author: 達文茜

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