Bellz Game – Time Killer, Strategy Developer, and Motor Skills for Kids

I love games that are educational and I love games that seem dumb and fun with hidden educational qualities inside. This is one of them.

The strategy of this game is whoever gets 10 bells through the magic magnet wand first wins. If you get other colors stuck on your wand, you have to release all bells back into the pile and give up your turn. If you shake and the bell drops out of the game arena, you gave to give up your turn.

My 3 and 5 year old can play this for “an hour”…yes, an HOUR straight!!! First one thing you have to know about little kids:

  1. They love little things that scatter or appear to be able to scatter ALL OVER THE PLACE
  2. A PLUS if it makes sounds
  3. Anything that sticks to anything is great (stickers, and magnets in this case)
  4. Colors

There is a strategy. The magic wand has a “strong” side and a “weak” side. Strong side is for those that greedy and they want to get a lot at the time but risk getting other colors that you absolutely cannot shake off. Careful slow and steady is using the other side. One thing that my kids figured out is (and it’s where the strategy comes in):

  1. Magnetic force is weaker each successive bell so you can suck up a big bell first and then try to get the small bells without sucking up the other colored bells with it.
  2. Start your turn by looking for bells all the same color that seem easiest bunched together so you get only one color.
  3. Suck up a big bell first so it lessens the magnetic force to get all the other smaller bells stuck in the middle of all the other colors.

It does take brain. After a full hour of playing with this, they figured this out. Dumb game? Maybe but they learned something and that’s enough for me. You can buy this on Amazon and here’s the link: Bellz! – A Positively Magnetic Game. Enjoy!

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