Book Review: 幼童創意橋樑系列 Creative Kinder Bridge Books Collection

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I want to start by saying how much I love this set for educational purposes in teaching Chinese. It has the right amount of words for my 3 almost 4 year old and she reads by herself. It’s easy to understand and has just the right amount of phrases and new words for her to learn.

The stories are very well thought out and written. Most of them are cute and heart warming. The one I show on the video is of a rabbit who was left home alone by her mom because her mom had to go out and run errands and can’t take her. Then her mom built her a snowman before leaving home and the little rabbit made friends with the snowman. When she got tired of playing outside, she went home to sleep and then the house went on fire. Snowman came and saved her but then he melted. The little rabbit was sad that the snowman melted but instead she knew he was still there in the clouds. Very heart warming and my little three year old was teary eyed from this. It was so darn cute! The other stories are just as sweet and cute. They didn’t bring “tears” but they were definitely on the cute side.

My five year old would read this too but wouldn’t be as engaged because at five, they like the stories to be slightly more exciting. However, she still enjoy reading these on her own. There’s roughly 3-5 phrases that the 3 year old picks up on each book and maybe 1 phrase that the five year old learns in each book. I recommend buying the whole series of 12 titles.

小雪人:幼童創意橋樑書 – Snowman
兩只棉手套:幼童創意橋樑書 – Two Mittens
小熊的魔力電話:幼童創意橋樑書 – Little Bear’s Magical Telephone
小蝌蚪找媽媽:幼童創意橋樑書 – Tadpole Finds Mom
梅花鹿的樹角:幼童創意橋樑書 – Antlers
圓圓與方方:幼童創意橋樑書 – Circle and Square
亮亮冒險記:幼童創意橋樑書 – Bear’s Adventures
波波的四十雙襪子:幼童創意橋樑書 – 40 Pairs of Socks
春天在哪裡:幼童創意橋樑書 – Where is Spring?
夏天到蟲蟲飛:幼童創意橋樑書 – Bugs in the Summer
蘿蔔回來了:幼童創意橋樑書 – Carrot Comes Back
六個矮兒子:幼童創意橋樑書 – 6 Sons

Publisher: 風車

For this particular series, I have started to develop learning material for the books. You’ll be able to download these free materials in my facebook group!  Come join us in learning to teach Chinese to our kids together and enjoy more in depth information about books.

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