Book Review: 水果奶奶好故事 Grandma Fruit’s Stories Collection

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Age: 3 with parent, 5+ by themselves

The pictures are not cute at all. I actually find them repulsive. LOL! I love beautiful things and I love art so to see illustrations that look like this just aches my heart. HOWEVER, I have to say, the text is actually really good and there’s a lesson learned in each chapter and it mirrors what you always mention at home too (or what most of us mentions). As you’ll see in this video, I go over the first story of where Grandma tells the children that they cannot have ice cream until an hour after their meal. There’s always one fruit “child” that likes to bend the rules. The little fruit children in the end trying to fool the Grandma into giving them ice cream earlier and finds out waiting isn’t so bad. The lesson learned that you need to have patience and waiting is good. All the stories also have a questions page you can discuss with your kids like what would you do in this situation. What did you think about the kids and what they did, etc. There’s also sometimes stuff related to the chapter like recipes or like a chart where it shows different expressions and if you can differentiate what expressions goes with which emotions, etc.

Overall, my five year old can read this with zhuyin, understand it fully and be engaged so that’s a win for me. Whatever gets them reading to themselves is a WIN for me.

There’s a DVD that goes with each book that’s about 50 minutes in length. Now, the DVD I don’t have the children watch because we’re a non tv sort of family but the good part is, they have puppets in there and it’s not all just cartoons. I’ve tried uploading about the first 12 minutes as a sample so you guys can see what the DVD is like. It’s kind of odd the Grandma is actually a man but he’s considered quite well known in Taiwan and I guess in there for some humor.

Publisher: 三采

Sample Video from their DVD:




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