Book Review: 莉莉尋貓記+小偵探莉莉 LILY CHERCHE SON CHAT &Lily mène l’enquête

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LILY CHERCHE SON CHAT &Lily mène l’enquête

Age: 3+

Adapted from a French book, this is a cute picture book that’s full of beautiful pictures! It’s a search and find book. Size of the book is big so beware of that. I love this set for how beautiful it looks and there really isn’t much of a story but there’s still enough words to keep it interesting. You’ll see as I flip through the pages how amazingly beautiful and detailed the photos are. There’s always something new to see every time you open it. My 3 year old loves this one and can look at it daily for a few minutes while she finds new information. Highly recommend!

Publisher: 小康軒

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