Book Review: 寶寶第一套科學繪本 Baby’s First Science Picture Books

Age: 3+ assisted, 5+ independent reading

This is a simple set of science books that teaches kids about why you fart, where water goes after you flush, where do babies come from, etc. You can buy them as a set through the link here:


I bought it because I saw the “fart” book. That’s the main reason why I bought it. I know it sounds shallow but yes, my kids are like all the other kids out there. Anything to do with fart, poop, and basically any gross things in the world, they love.

This set comes with CDs that actually follow the words in the book! Word for word!!! I really don’t like those CDs that add in extra commentary, etc. Those are perfectly fine for car rides but for kids that are learning to read Chinese, it’s distracting and often they get lost and don’t know when to turn the page. This set is different. You can follow it through word for word! Win for me!

Other than that, the end of each book has a lot more facts about the topic which I show in the video. I love this set and I even like the cute illustrations inside. The best part? They learn new facts along the way while having fun. It has zhuyin to assist in reading if you’re not listening to the CD and the book length is short enough to read by themselves in one sitting.

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