Book Review: 紅色小電車系列 Little Red Electric Train Series

Age: 3+ assisted

This series is really simple and uber cute!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I’ll admit, I bought it because I loved the pictures when I saw it. Was it too easy to read for my 5 year old? Probably but I love it and so do they. I don’t think anyone would say having beautiful pictures isn’t a huge draw. So you can find it here through this link:

紅色小電車(4冊):猜一猜電車, 擠一擠電車, 噓!雪人電車來了,摘一摘電車

The titles are listed above as well. It’s a set of 4 books. First one is guessing which train is coming only to find it’s animals behind the doors. Second one is about fitting more people on a train so everyone can get to the amusement park. Third on is about a snowman driving the train and going wild and having fun. Fourth one listed is about the train making pit stops to reap in the fruits and vegetables that are grown in different fields.

Illustrations are just beautiful. We really enjoy this one.

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