Book Review: 笨狼的故事 (簡體,简体书): Silly Wolf Series – Simplified

Age: 5+ Independent , Grades 1-3 (Lower Elementary)

This is a simplified bridge book set of 10 books. This is a very easy read, cute pictures and the stories are very cute. I’ve only read through the first story but as a sample, it’s about a silly wolf (really he’s kind of dumb) and he helps the mother duck look after her egg. While she is gone, the egg hatched and the little duck cries for mom and dad. He said he’s not the dad but can be his dad for now. Then mother duck comes home and the baby is happy. Obviously, this is a very simplified summary but you get the picture. Cute stories and healthy. Nothing weird, easy to read. The words are in bigger print than expected. Usually books from China have these annoyingly small prints and I really despise those. This set actually has really easy to read print.

If you’re done learning the first 1000 or so words in Chinese, then this should be an easy read and a great bridge book set to practice on for interesting stories!

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