I Hate Doing Flashcards! Please Spit Them Out Automagically For Me!


Everyone has been saying how useful flashcards are and giving a lot of credit to how “informative” the cards are. I always always always share my resources. I use:


No, I am not a crazy mom (ok, maybe a little crazy) who has so much time that I do this much on a word for the kids. This site spits them out this way. I type the word and poof! The back comes out. I’ve mentioned this site to many of you on our Facebook Group. They also teach strokes on here and have other word lists from HSK already in there but I haven’t used their other functions other than flashcard making and worksheet making. I’ll be posting some “practice writing” sheets today for our Facebook group for the most frequently used words. I did it for my 3 year old on this. I’ve contacted their company to see if we could get a discount on their fees (because I always love deals). They offered a 10% off discount for our crazy group!

Coupon code: MN131816
They said 10% will be refunded to you once you join. I do not work for the company and I do not know anyone in there. I just simply asked for a discount for our group and they gave it to me, LOL! I also do not receive any commissions if you join.
It’s not a cheap site ($48/year?) and there are other free resources to use obviously to make worksheets. However, in case you were thinking I actually check all the definitions and type them out, I thank you for thinking so highly of me, ha! This is what I use. I’ll be posting our writing worksheets in our Facebook group for those frequently used words! Stay tuned! I know there are other free resources out there. One of the popular ones is this which is the same ones used in Taiwan textbooks:
For flashcards, if you hate cutting and laminating (like me) and your kids don’t drool, spit or bite anymore, you can consider getting these Avery Business Cards and print the cards on these and just POP THEM OUT! YESSSSS!!!! NO cutting!!!!!!!!!! These are completely compatible with the cards that were posted in the Facbook page under “Files.”

One response to “I Hate Doing Flashcards! Please Spit Them Out Automagically For Me!”

  1. This is amazing, Julie!!! Thank you!! Any chance that you have a template for flashcards of the individual Chinese strokes? I think my daughter is ready to learn stroke order properly!


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