Learning Chinese Characters With Stickers

One of the moms on our Facebook group showed a video of her daughter putting stickers on a Chinese character chart. How “wonderful” is that? Stickers + Kids = WIN. I used to give them stickers for everything. Did you do you your chores today? Give a list of chores chart and have them stick on stickers and it was always a no fail. I made the sticker charts today and played a game today. DSC01743

I’ve found:

  • The girls can read these words faster in a book than they can on the page alone. This means they read phrases faster than words on their own alone. If you jumble them up, the words suddenly look new to them again.
  • It really helps them retain words better because they’re really seeing it in new light.
  • Stickers never fail to get them excited about something.

Not that you need to try to think of games to play when it comes to stickers but games that came to mind:

  • Put stickers on for the ones you know.
  • Put a timer and see how many you know and can stick on in an allotted time.
  • Do a race. Say a word and have 2 kids compete and see who can find the word faster.
  • Do a semi (more friendly race). Give each kid 5 seconds to find a word you announce. I had to end up giving them different words because my little one (3 year old) is slower and would look over to see what the big one taped down.

It really is endless. Hope you guys have as much fun! You can download these sheets free on our Facebook Group.

Smiley stickers you can buy on Amazon. Smiley Face Stickers.

3 responses to “Learning Chinese Characters With Stickers”

  1. Can I just say that you are amazing for being able to bang out so many informative posts AND teach your kids AND read to them AND get your kids to cooperate for videos AND do all of the other things that you do? 🙂 It seriously takes me forever to write/edit/photograph each post haha. Anyway, I love this post and dot stickers are one of FAVORITE things in the world for Chinese learning!! Each character fits perfectly on each circle! I’m excited to share this post on my FB page!!


    • Betty, your site is beautiful. I don’t edit, I don’t even think when I’m writing. You’ll find typos and grammatical errors everywhere. LOL! I have to tell myself that’s okay because it’s just a blog and my own blog! Shared with friends and such so there are no rules. If it looks ugly, oh well. If the kids are doing stupid things, oh well. LOL…


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