Book Review: 故事摩天輪系列 Ferris Wheel Bridge Book Series

Age: 6-9 (Grade 1-Grade 3)

This set of books is really wonderful. Although it doesn’t sort out from easy to hard for you, each box has a variety of easy to harder books. It has a variety of books in each box and each box contains 10 books. I really really love the stories inside. It’s not dry, they are really cute and the easy ones are truly really really easy. My 3 and 5 year old can both read with ease. I think many of these are much better practice for reading than some other picture books which contain actually pretty hard languages. The language and phrases used within these “bridge books” does exactly what it says it does: gives children the chance to independently read!

Every book has a good proportion of picture to words ratio and the packaging is nice and solid. The pages alter between black and white and color. Easier readers have larger words and harder readers have smaller words (language however is still easily understood). Purchase links are below and so are some sample reading from my kids.

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故事摩天輪 (一) Ferris Wheel Set 1
故事摩天輪 (二) Ferris Wheel Set 2
故事摩天輪 (三) Ferris Wheel Set 3
故事摩天輪 (四) Ferris Wheel Set 4
故事摩天輪 (五) Ferris Wheel Set 5

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