Book Review: 王文華的品德故事屋 Developing Good Character Collection

Age: 3 (read to), 5+

王文華的品德故事屋 1 – Set 1 Good Character Collection

王文華的品德故事屋 2 – Set 2 Good Character Collection

This set is not really there for it’s “pictures” but they are picture books. What I love about this set is the author. He never gives out a complete flop in books. I would say the language used in these books is very much everyday language and doesn’t include much literary language so it’ll be a quick read for the kids. The CD is really good quality and captures the characters in there quite well.

The stories are very cute and deals morals and developing good character for the child. One of the stories in there talks about two older brothers who need to clean up the house while the little sister doesn’t have to. The two get annoyed that the little sister never has to lift a finger only for the reason that she’s “young.” The two brothers are left alone at home to clean while the mom takes the little sister out. While they were out, grandma turtle came and delivered a nice cake. The two brothers decided they want to split the cake in half and not leave any for the little sister. Each brother went to their own spaces and as they are about to bite down on the cake, they both realized how much the little sister would love to have some cake, how she’s so little and wouldn’t have cleaned well anyway. The two brothers each secretly sneaked their half of the cake into the little sister’s room. When she got back, she was shocked and surprised to find two halves of a cake in her room. Brothers ended finding out they both didn’t eat the cake and gave it to the little sister. Story ended with warm fuzzies where they both willingly cleaned up after little sister ate the cake.

Each box has 6 books and a CD for a total of 12 books and 2 CDs if you buy both sets. Each CD is about an hour long. Each book will take about 10 minutes to read about 1000 words or so. Easy read and easy to understand. I may use this as the next textbook for my kids to read and take the 注音 off again and see if they can just do word recognition. These are great books to read to your 3 year old as it’s easy to listen to and understand. The CD’s are animated too. Your five year old who understands 注音 will find this an easy read on their own and with big words.


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