Book Review: 字的童話 Fairy Tales of Words

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Age: 5+

You can find/purchase this set here: 字的童話

I love this set of books. I’ve been reading my girls stories from this set here and there. There’s a lot of material to learn in here. It’s full of most commonly used phrases and idioms! They do it in the most intuitive way. At the end of each chapter, it goes over the phrases and idioms that’s important in that chapter. I’ve included a whole chapter here for you to do trial reading. This story is from the 7th book in the set and first story. My daughters love this particular story because it’s about a big sister and a playful little sister fighting over when the little one would finally listen and drink her milk. The big sister gets very angry and this is when the idioms pop up and meanings behind it are learned from context in an intuitive manner.

The authors in here are some of the more well known ones. The entire series will teach your children to recognize idioms, feelings, good character, etc. I’ve typed up the idioms in the 7th book and available for download on our Facebook Group. 


My five year old is reading this exact story from above.

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