Brain Game for Kids (and Adults): Think Fun Hoppers


Age: 5+ (or for those who don’t eat toys anymore)

You can buy it on amazon: Think Fun Hoppers Game

We have had this game for over two years now and it’s one that repeatedly gets taken out because it doesn’t get old. We take these out on planes, to hotels, etc. because the size is small and it occupies the kids for at least a good 20-30 minutes a sitting and I like the feeling that they’re doing something that’s exercising their brain.

The object of the game is for the frogs to hop over each other until you only have one left. There are cards inside from easy to hard to very hard to super hard for a total of 40 cards (and my kids have done all 40 cards about 3 times around now and still don’t find it boring). The cards show you how to put the frogs in a pattern for easy up to very hard and super hard. Then they just try jumping the frogs. You often get “stuck” when you end up with 2 frogs very far apart with no frogs in the middle to aid in jumping. You can only jump a frog that is next to you. It’s a lot like checkers. It takes strategy and planning and you can’t just randomly jump the frogs or you’ll get stuck.

Why I like the game:

  1. You actually have to think.
  2. It takes planning in your mind so that you don’t end up stuck with 2 frogs on opposite ends of the boards.
  3. It gets harder and there’s a plan laid out for patters to get harder.
  4. My 3 year old can actually do it up to the last card which is amazing to me because the last card took me about 15 tries to get right.
  5. There’s a drawer built in so you keep all the mess inside.
  6. It’s small and light so you can travel with it.

I really do love everything about this game. I play it with the kids myself and find myself having fun. That says a lot because most kid games are not fun for adults but this one is. Here are my 5 and 3 year olds demonstrating an “easy” card at card 6 out of the 40.

We bought ours on Amazon: Think Fun Hoppers Game

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