Book Review: 未來領袖 CEO 菁英計劃 : Leaders of Tomorrow Book Set

Age: 5+ independent

This is a set of 47 picture books and 47 CDs and one parent manual. There’s one CD for each book. The CDs do not follow the book verbatim but I find it easy to listen to for long car rides! You could let three year olds listen and tell the story too but for self reading and to really grasp concepts, I think the child needs to be at least 5 years old! I will list the place that I bought it from on the very bottom.

This set is pretty amazing. These are the reasons why:

  1. High quality CDs.
  2. High quality illustrations.
  3. Easy to follow stories and warm loving story lines.
  4. Targeted towards children using easy language but yet it explains deep concepts that are hard to conceptualize for children.
  5. 7 categories and 40 straight forward learning concepts on how to become a successful leader in the future. This is a first step in increasing EQ, something that is my number one target for my kids to learn.

I guess the only negative is that the books are HUGE and the set is HEAVY! I almost broke my back carrying this onto a cart in order to haul it up to our home! LOL! There are 7 qualities of a “future” CEO that they are targeting. I find it funny because I am thinking about my three and five year old and thinking what CEO? This reminds me of those books that’s like 7 Healthy Habits of Effective People, etc. I do appreciate books that teach emotional intelligence partly because I find that it’s the number one thing that leads to success in life and I guess if my kids really understood these 7 categories they are targeting, they are already slightly ahead. I want to list the 7 topics they are targeting here and try to translate as best as I can:

Plan 1: Self Motivation, Be a Self Starter – so they volunteer a famous person they are modeling after for each plan of attack but really, they have nothing to do with anything in the story and won’t show up anywhere in the stories so don’t worry about that part if you don’t agree with the people they are listing down below. This set has stuff like how to conquer shyness and fear, how to be a responsible person, how to look at stuff with a glass half full approach, how to be accountable, etc.

New Doc 2018-02-07_3

Plan 2: How to Do Effective Planning  – This includes short term planning, long term planning, having dreams and then achieving them, having responsibilities.

New Doc 2018-02-07_5

Plan 3: Ability to Learn or Joy for Learning – This has how to manage time, how to manage yourself, self regulation, respecting choices, making the right choices.

New Doc 2018-02-07_7

Plan 4: Critical Thinking – This includes how to win fairly, how to cooperate with other, how to resolve conflict, how to share, friendship development, how to help others.

New Doc 2018-02-07_9

Plan 5: How to be Caring – this includes ideas in the books listed with how to take criticism, how to listen effectively, how to care for another and give compliments, how to respect others, etc.

New Doc 2018-02-07_4

Plan 6: How to Cooperate with Others – This includes how to be humble, how to discuss plans with others, how to solve conflict creatively, how to work with others, etc.

New Doc 2018-02-07_6

Plan 7: Having Vitality – this one includes how to treat people with respect, be humorous, be sincere, etc.

New Doc 2018-02-07_8

You’ll notice each category includes a “main” category book for topic and subsequent story books that lists each “learning target” and I have put a sample of each below. This one is the target book. Starts with their animal characters and the 7 target books have the same characters throughout:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then here’s a sample of the story book that has a learning target. This one is how not to be shy and be brave:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The following is a photo of the parent manual where you can have different activities and discussions with your child on these topics.

New Doc 2018-02-07_10

This lists the target learning points for each book in the set!

New Doc 2018-02-07_11

As always, free learning materials, deals, etc. will always be posted to my Facebook Group Page.  Come and join us for more information!

Where to Buy:


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