Doing Arts with Watercolor Pencils & Book Review: 十二生肖的故事 Story of the 12 Zodiac Animals

I’m working on a project with my little one for her school and it took forever to do only because we wanted it to look pretty. We modeled all the animals after 賴馬’s book: 十二生肖的故事:

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This book tells the story of how the 12 Zodiac animals came about and how the Jade Emperor planned a race and that the first 12 animals to cross a river will make the list of the 12 animals. It’s very humorous as you see how some animals sabotaged other animals to get ahead. I love 賴馬’s books and I have almost all of them. This one is a classic and if you don’t have it yet, get it!

I used Derwent Inktense WaterColor Pencils(72 Color version but there’s a 36 color one to try out). I love doing this with my kids because it gives them great pleasure to spread color around. I did the outlines (before’s) and they did the water spreading after (after’s). You use only water and the color melts and blends into the pages. I have the samples here:

new year animals_1new year animals_2new year animals_3new year animals_4new year animals_5new year animals_6new year animals_7new year animals_8new year animals_9



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