Fast Way to Acquire Language? Karaoke for Kids


One of the fastest ways for kids to start learning how to read another language is through singing their favorite songs! I remember when I first started teaching my kids Chinese and English, we always played their favorite songs and the moment they saw the “microphone,” they had this crazy motivation to know the words.

This took some tricks. Take a song they know let’s say in English and then find the Chinese version. They won’t know the lyrics yet but know the tune only. Give them the lyrics in Chinese and bam! You’ll see how fast they can learn those words. It’s like magic.

There are many brands of this bluetooth microphone that you can pair with your ipad or Android pad. However, this one has pretty high ratings:

BONAOK Updated Wireless Karaoke Microphone

I’ve included lyrics to Frozen in Chinese uploaded to our Facebook Group:

For the complete file of the song, please visit our Facebook Group:

Frozen Lyrics

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