Get Your Child to Teach You Something Using a Whiteboard!

I’m always thinking of more ways to make learning more dynamic because it helps with memorization and internalization of the material. Luckily, I found my kids to love “teaching” me stuff because it makes them feel empowered with their knowledge. It nicely feeds into their confidence and they have fun being teacher. I bought a big white board and we use this MORE THAN ANYTHING!!! We nicely stuck the phonetic tiles we made on the board and do all sorts of activities with it. To see how to make these tiles that are stuck on the board, refer to my old post: How To Make Your Own 注音 Tiles

The board we used: Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Here’s a video they like me taking all the time and they would watch this over and over.

3 responses to “Get Your Child to Teach You Something Using a Whiteboard!”

  1. Totally agree with the whiteboard being so useful! We use our easel everyday for all kinds of learning and drawing. It’s nice to be able to see the Chinese words large on there.


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