Book Review: 白熊的內褲 (White Bear’s Underwear),叫我第一名 (First Place),小小迷路 (Lost Little Owl),不行 (No!)

This is a collection of 4 books. Links below:

白熊的內褲 (White Bear’s Underwear) Age (0-3) – Super cute book about a bear trying to find his underwear and it’s a guess and look book where you can peep into what the picture will be next. In the end, the bear found his underwear on himself because he forgot he was wearing white underwear!

叫我第一名 (First Place) Age 3+ (With Parent) 5+ (Independent reading) – It’s kind of like the children’s short book of world records such as what is the largest mammal? Who runs the fastest? What’s the smallest dog? What is the smallest bird? My children absolutely loved this book and memorized all the facts. I like how educational it is and at the same time entertaining!

小小迷路 (Lost Little Owl) Age 3+ – One of the sweetest and cutest books of an animal looking for his mother after he fell asleep and fell off a tree. He’ll describe his mom’s eyes, body, etc. and it’s a great read for little kids and a good practice read for those learning Chinese. In the end, he finds his mom and then proceeds to fall asleep and almost fall off a tree again.

不行 (No!) Age 3+ – This is a very whimsical book in the viewpoint of a dog where he thinks his name is No and his family loves him dearly to call him that everyday for everything that he does. He does it with a good heart like helping to dig for treasures in the backyard, eating their food first to make sure it’s safe to eat, etc. In the end, he finds it confusing why his dog tag doesn’t show his name “No” but another name. Guess?

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