Book Review: 閱讀123 / Reading 123 – 屁屁超人系列 Fart Superhero Series

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Age: 6+

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned this many times that my kids like all the stuff that’s not high level intellectual material. Anything to do with fart, butt, nose holes, boogers, it’s fascinating. Yes, even for my girls who think they are total princesses!

Here’s a set from Reading 123 that has to do with a fart superhero kid. He farts to fly and help and save people. This set is organized by short stories and develops more characters that stays stable starting in the third book and onwards. I have the first 5 year but it’s now available to sell in the set of all 7 (the last 2 books is $63 and #68 in the series and I didn’t receive them yet).

First 6 Books are:





屁屁超人與屁浮列車尖叫號 ,

屁屁超人外傳 直升機神犬1 深夜的功夫奇遇記

7th Book Sold Separately: 屁屁超人外傳:直升機神犬2校長的「毛」病

So in the first book first chapter the fart superhero boy meets a jealous new principal who wants to the know the secret behind being able to become a fart superhero. The principal then discovers the fart boy’s secret and he himself became a fart flying “unhero.” On his quest to beat fart boy, the principal sets himself on fire since he likes to smoke. Fart boy saves the principal and the day and then he can continue to be allowed to fart and stay a fart superhero. Obviously there’s more details to the story but you get the point. Use farts for positive and boy saves the day, etc. Next chapters you encounter the yawning boy and the potty mouth boy who when says dirty stuff you hear solfege notes instead. Here are a couple previews. I recommend this series because I think it’ll get girls or boys to at least start reading longer type books without really thinking about it that much. Words are easy, content is funny and interesting as well as creative.

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