Doodle the Day Away & Improve Motor Skills While You’re At It!

We love this pen. We love this pen. It’s not some new product but we love it. I forgot about this until I looked at our old photos. You melt plastic from a pen and they stick together to form anything you’d like. Of course my girls opted to do “rings” with their initials on there. My little one also did some funky glasses with me. Takes motor skills and concentration. Each item could take up to an hour to piece together (if it’s big like our glasses)! They also have workbooks where you follow the lines and create a 3D piece in minutes for something simple! I love how they teach the children to think in terms of 3D. There’s also replacement filaments in different colors from other companies that are compatible that’s cheaper than the company refills but this company pen works better than the knockoffs. You can buy them off Amazon or like Brookstone:

3Doodler Start Essentials Amazon Exclusive 3D Printing Pen Set


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