Book Review: 小兵童話精選 Little Soldiers Fairy Tales Series (6 Books)

Age 4+ (with parent) 6+ (independent reading)

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I’m rating this set to be at a higher age for independent reading because it is a lengthier book than regular picture books and has 3000 characters each book. This is a 6 book set. You can try out one set and see if you like it. There’s also a 90 book set called 小兵快樂讀本. Bought that without reservation because the style is just like this one. I got these from the library/cultural center here and fell in love.

This is why I love it:

  • stories that teach a moral or a EQ
  • just long enough for bridging
  • easy language but lengthier book
  • puts in a few heavier phrases so children can learn some vocabulary
  • interesting story with twists
  • large fonts!!!

I describe a story of a chicken with a crooked beak. He got it when he was a baby and accidentally though a rock was a piece of cake and drilled his beak down hard so it went crooked. There after, his crowing became strange sounding. Then he became shy and reserved until one day a cat came into the chicken den and all the chickens were scared. Then came the sound of his loud harsh crowing which scared the cat away because the cat though it was an eagle. He became a hero and was called to wake up all chickens in the morning (a mighty job for chickens). The moral is that you can’t judge yourself based on looks or your handicap. Be brave. You can overcome them.

Second story is about a crane who is chubby and has no skills. She boasts that she’s a fantastic dancer and dances in front of the other cranes. They all laughed when her fat jiggled and her legs were clumsy. She wouldn’t admit she danced badly and walked off. She went home looked in the mirror and danced for herself only to find yes, she didn’t know how to dance and proceeded with crying to her mom. Her mom told her if she didn’t want to be made fun of, she should try to really learn to dance! So she did and ended up winning a creative award. In the middle of all this, there was a part of the story where she was made fun of (mean kids). This story taught her to “work hard” and you’ll get rewarded.

I love love love this set!!!!

little soldier

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