Book Review: 工藤紀子 系列 小雞,野貓軍團,企鵝 Little Chicken, Wild Cats, Penguin Series

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Age: 3+ (with parent or independent)

Everyone loves the Little Chicken Series. This author is known for being very random! The stories are super cute and it’s told through pictures. Because this series was so popular, the author came out with an extra book of Little Chicken Visits Grandma. After the Little Chickens then came the Penguin and the Wild Cats series. Penguin series is just like Little Chickens. The characters are super sweet and cute. Wild Cats are a little naughtier thinking of ways to get what they want but they always end up getting caught and then fixing their own problems. Kids never get bored!
超人氣小雞幸福書包 – 小雞去露營,小雞過耶誕節,小雞過生日,小雞逛超市,小雞逛遊樂園  Little Chicken Backpack with Little Chicken Goes Camping, Birthday, Visits the Supermarket, Visits the Amusement Park
小雞到外婆家  Little Chicken Visits Grandma
工藤紀子繪本集:小企鵝歡樂旅程 – 小企鵝搭火車, 小企鵝搭郵輪,小企鵝搭飛機,小企鵝搭巴士  Penguin Series with Going on a Train, On a Boat, On an Airplane, On a Bus
野貓軍團套書 – 野貓軍團開火車,野貓軍團烤麵包,野貓軍團壽司店  Wild Cat Series with Driving a Train, Making Bread, Making Sushi
野貓軍團飛上天  Wild Cat Flies High

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