Book Review: 工藤紀子 系列2 工藤紀子 Series 2 小修與沃特, 海盜船 , 冬天是什麼樣子? , 叢林之王

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This is the same author as the Little Chicken, Penguin, and Wild Cat Series. These are their comic books and one new book with little bear and one with the life of the Cicada. The comic books have no zhuyin but are great practice for kids who have a few hundred characters under their belt already. Stories are fun and random as usual for this author with the Long Vacation being where they visit anywhere from the bottom of the ocean to the thunder god and the clouds. The other comic with Food Adventures also has magical components in there where there is honey magic and can shrink animals or insects when needed, etc. The Pirate ship talks about cute little pirates who take gold and jewels only because of the pirate rule and in the end, made their own rules where friends come first.

There are 2 books listed below with age 3+ and are read just like the Little Chicken series and are very easy with zhuyin. The cicada story is where it turns into a nymph and it’s done in a very cute way. The bear book is about how they sleep through winter. Both very cute and cleaver and full of imagination as always from this author.

Age groups will be different and I categorized them differently down below.

Age 5+ (no zhuyin)
工藤紀子歡樂繪本集:四季美味之旅 – 小修與沃特:美味大探險, 小修與沃特:長長的旅行  Food Adventures and The Long Vacation
叢林之王  King of the Forest
海盜船  Pirate Ship

Age 3+ (below)

小蟬兒,今晚輪到你了! Cicada, It’s Your Turn!

冬天是什麼樣子?  What is Winter?

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