Book Review: 紅豆綠豆碰 系列 Red Bean Green Bean Series

Age: 5+ independent

I’m so excited to find this series of comics with zhuyin! It teaches good behavior and whatever your child has come across at school, it’ll probably have a story that goes with it. It has topics on how to make friends, why studying is great, things about the earth, school, EQ, etc. I show you a couple stories in the video above. The words are a bit small and it does take some patience to read because the zhuyin will be small but in general, words are larger than usual comics, I like the topics, and my kids find it relatable. Three year old needs me to read because she doesn’t like looking at small words. Five year old likes to read it on her own. Easy language and easy to understand.

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紅豆綠豆碰 (地球好好玩 , 學校好好玩,EQ好好玩,生活好好玩)  – Earth, School, EQ, Life
紅豆綠豆碰:交朋友好好玩  Friends
紅豆綠豆碰:學習好好玩  Learning
紅豆綠豆碰:天冷一隻懶惰蟲  Lazy During Winter (not sure what’s in here yet since we haven’t read it but translating title based just solely on title!)
紅豆綠豆碰:沒有紅包的新年  No Red Envelope for New Years

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