Book Review: 賴馬系列 Author 賴馬 Lai Ma Series

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Age: 3+ with adult, 5+ independent

I love this author because his books are full of fun and information and a ton of things to see on the illustrations. The stories are usually whimsical and fun. His stories always has a twist. I love this collection and every book comes with a CD. They all teach some sort of lesson for the child. Zodiac story was told so well my kids remember the 12 zodiacs in order! The brain little train teaches kids to be brave. Angry prince has a song that lets children become not angry when temper does rise up. Other books are also fun like Guess Who I Am where the illustrations are to die for. You really can’t go wrong with Lai Ma as the author and illustrator. He isn’t famous for no reason! I highly recommend any of his books!
金太陽銀太陽  Gold Sun and Silver Sun
十二生肖的故事  12 Zodiac Story
勇敢小火車:卡爾的特別任務  Brave Little Train
我變成一隻噴火龍了! Fire Breathing Dragon
生氣王子  Angry Prince
愛哭公主  Crying Princess
猜一猜 我是誰?  Guess Who I am?
慌張先生  Panicked Man
早起的一天  The Day I Woke Early
帕拉帕拉山的妖怪  PaLa Mountain Monster
我和我家附近的流浪狗  Dogs Around My House

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