Book Review: 小妖怪系列書 Little Monsters Series

Age: 6+ Independent reading
小妖怪系列套書 Little Monsters series with 4 books: 海洋裡的小妖怪、森林裡的小妖怪、城市裡的小妖怪、校園裡的小妖怪 Ocean, Forest, City, School
鬼怪不想讓你知道的50個祕密  50 Secrets of Monsters

I love this set because my kids love it and they can go at it for a long time “without” me. I would purposely only read ONE out of the four books so they can sift through the others themselves. It’s about monsters. There’s Monsters in the for the forest, the school, the sea , and the city. They sometimes range from dangerous to a joke. There’s a rating system in the back of the book for how dangerous they are. Like in the school book, there’s Beethoven that comes out and plays and won’t stop if you do this and that and what to do when that happens. For each monster, they always tell you how to get rid of it so when your child gets scared, they know there’s a way to rectify the problem if they ever see a monster! My kids love it. My 3 year old didn’t see to be scared, go figure.

Second book is questions and 50 facts you didn’t know about monsters. this one is more for middle elementary level. Still interesting just harder to understand.
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