Book Review: 公主出任務 Princess Black Series

Age: 6+ independent
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公主出任務 – 套書組 (共5冊) – The Princess Black Series
公主出任務 01:怪獸警報  – The Princess Black
公主出任務 02:完美的派對  – The Perfect Princess Party
公主出任務 03:飢餓的萌兔怪  – The Hungry Bunny Horde
公主出任務 04:度假好忙  – Takes a Vacation
公主出任務 05:遊戲日的祕密  – Mysterious Playdate

This set is for pure entertainment for my kids. There are no great hidden morals, no great life skills acquired, just pure entertainment. The pictures are beautiful, the stories are translated almost line by line and still has a good flow. This set is about a princess who turns into kind of like a superhero character and saves the castle and village from monsters. Each book has a monster fight and her secret is never out (that she’s actually the black princess). Pretty princess most of the time and has a secret that she’s actually the Black Princess when monsters appear. There are people who suspect that she is the Black Princess but no one ever finds out. Purely entertaining for my kids.

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