Book Review: 老鼠郵差來了! , 老鼠郵差去度假 The Mouse Postman is Here!, The Mouse Postman Goes on Vacation

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent

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老鼠郵差來了!  The Mouse Postman Is Here!
老鼠郵差去度假  The Mouse Postman Goes on Vacation

This is an insanely cute set of books and the size of it is huge. It’s about a foot tall and maybe 7-8 inches across but that’s because it has a lot of photos! It’s another one of those so much for you to see on a page sort of book and my children really love this set. It’s easy to read and has a lot to talk about to keep them occupied. The mouse postman delivers to all sorts of animals in the air, on the ground, underground, and in the sea. It shows you he’s a great postman. However he keeps the letters “waterproof” is beyond me why sea animals under the sea would have mail. There are also some mystical creatures in there as well. It’s a very entertaining set of picture books and well illustrated.

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