Book Review: 植物大戰殭屍:成語漫畫 系列 Plants Vs. Zombies Idioms Comics Series

Age 7+
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植物大戰殭屍:成語漫畫1  Plants vs. Zombies Idioms Comics 1
植物大戰殭屍:成語漫畫2  Plants vs. Zombies Idioms Comics 2
植物大戰殭屍:成語漫畫3  Plants vs. Zombies Idioms Comics 3
植物大戰殭屍:成語漫畫4  Plants vs. Zombies Idioms Comics 4
植物大戰殭屍:成語漫畫5  Plants vs. Zombies Idioms Comics 5

There are actually 20 books in this series and I have the first five so far just to test it out. This is a comics series that teaches Chinese idioms. Chinese idioms are one of the harder things to teach little kids or just anyone in general because these small four character combinations are sometimes very hard to remember even when you know the meanings to them. It takes an entire story to know what they mean, how to use it, and how to bring it up in everyday life. Usually idioms books are very dry and boring and contain a huge history story to go along with the idiom but this set makes it a little more bearable by using plants vs. zombies comic form to tell a short easy story and use it in a way that children would understand. I am not sure how my kids would absorb it yet since they’re only three and five at the moment but any chance I could get my hands on “comics” that teach, I would give it a try.

There are 35 idioms in each book. In the back of the book, there are what they call synonyms and antonyms to the idioms so if you learn those along with the 35, you’re really learning more than 100+ idioms/phrases all from one book! If you get all 20 books, you’re absorbing 700 idioms and if you do the synonyms and antonyms, you’re really getting 2100?!?! I cannot imagine how happy I would feel if we “EVER” get through it but of course you know I would at least give it a shot.

This set is used for children with someone native at home who can help their kids read and understand the idioms. I would recommend giving this set a try to the native families and for non-native families if you have a teacher or someone that is native around to read a story or two a week to your child, it will help expose them to these idioms in a fun manner and if the next time they come across it in a book, it would seem so foreign.

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