Book Review: 子兒吐吐 (中英雙語書+CD) Spit Out The Seeds!

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent

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子兒吐吐 (中英雙語書+CD) Spit Out The Seeds! 

This is a very creative book. It’s about a big faced pig who loved to eat and one day, he ate all the papaya and even the seeds. All the other little pigs whispered and gossiped about what would happen to him. The most reasonable outcome they predicted is he’ll grow a tree on his head. At first he was sad about the fact that he’ll grow a tree on his head but somehow convinced himself that a tree on his head was super ideal. It’ll be always cool since he is his own shade and he’ll always have food to eat. That night, he slept with his head facing the foot of the bed so that it won’t prevent a tree from growing and then the next day only to find he didn’t grow a tree but instead pooped out the seeds. Cute and creative book. There’s a CD with the book and an English version in the back of the book.

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