Book Review: 永遠愛你 Love You Forever

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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永遠愛你 Love You Forever

I had waited a while before I was brave enough to read and recommend this book. We’ve had this book for years and I’m always too scared to take it out because I end up tearing in the end uncontrollably. This is a story about the growing up of a child and how the mom no matter what circumstance or age always would still hold her baby in her arms and sing a lullaby to her son. As he grew older, she still did. Then she aged and called her son to go visit her and that night, she sang until she couldn’t. This is when the son hugged her and rocked her instead and sang how he loved her. The story ends where he walks into his own baby’s room and does the same thing his mom did to him, hold his baby tight, rocks his baby and sings I will love you forever. Yes… it’s one that’ll make you cry. I can never finish this story with my kids. I just end up balling. I have a love hate relationship with this book because I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT but then I hate how I’m always extremely emotional afterwards. Buy at your own risk! LOL!

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