Book Review: 阿迪和朱莉 Lion and the Rabbit

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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This is an extremely cute book on a little lion and little rabbit. The little lion was taught to catch rabbits for food and taught how to be ferocious and roar loudly. The rabbit was taught how to jump fast and quickly and how to keep her ears out to listen for lions. After training, both were put out to find their own food and survive out in the woods.

The two met in a dark cave where the rabbit discovered the lion was scared of mice and the two hugged and became friends. They both went home afterwards and told their parents how they became friends with each other to their parents’ surprise.

The book has split stories in the beginning until the two met and the stories converged back onto one page. It’s pretty clever the way they did it and then towards the end when they both went their separate ways home, the pages were split again and only to converge again when they went to bed and said good night to each other. Extremely cute. Highly recommend!

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