Book Review: Guji Guji

Age 3+ with parent, 6+ independent
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Guji Guji

This book does not have phonetic guide (zhuyin) and will need a parent to read with the child unless if the child knows how to read a few hundred characters already. The story is about an egg that rolled down a hill and into a duck’s nest. The duck mom still sat on the egg and when the egg hatched with the others, the egg that rolled in turned into a little alligator. The alligator did not know and the duck mommy did not care and loved all her eggs all equally. Day by day went by and the alligator learned to swim and walk like a duck until one day he met three alligators and laughed at him for being a stupid alligator who thinks he’s a duck. The little alligator was sad at first but then saw his own reflection and decided he is an alligator duck. The three alligators asked the little alligator to bring all his duck friends and family to the bridge so they can eat them the next day. The little alligator did bring his duck family but instead of letting the three bad alligators have a feast, they threw down rocks into the three alligator’s mouths and the bad alligators ran away.

This book has CDs and has an English version of the book in the back as well.



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