Book Review: 小熊貝魯和小蟲達達 系列 Little Bear and Little Caterpillar Collection

Age: 4+ with parent , 6+ independent
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小熊貝魯和小小蟲達達全集(五冊)  – Set of 5 Books for Little Bear and Little Caterpillar
外星來的神祕朋友  – Friend from Outer Space (6th book)

This is an extremely cute set. I have no counted how many words but from the length of it, I’m guessing it’s right at 3000 because of the amount of time it takes to read it (about 15-20 minutes if you’re doing it with the kids). It is a set about a bear and a bug. The first book is where they meet and that should be read first and all the others are read in whatever order you wish. The first book starts with the bear finding a sprout and then using all his patience and love and care to nurture that into a big apple tree. Just as he wanted to reap in his efforts and have a first bite of an apple he’s been waiting for, he finds a hole in the apple with a wooden name tag of the caterpillar who has decided to make it it’s home. The two fight about it and then only to find what a harsh life the caterpillar also lived just to find a decent home. The bear invites the caterpillar to live with him until he plants his own tree. The two then proceeds to plant a berry tree and just as the caterpillar is going to have a taste of his hard work, the ants are at it and it ends by the caterpillar getting mad that the ants are eating up his tree even before he did. All the books are full of silly and heart warming stories. We love this set. It has a few hard phrases but most of the time, it is fairly easy to understand. I read through a little over half the book for you to sample the language.

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