Chinese 注音 Zhuyin Phonetic Magnets Contest!


Let’s have some fun in our Facebook Group! I have uploaded a song we’ve sang growing up (my kids at least) that I’ve made up to help them remember Zhuyin. I am having them sing it (please don’t judge as we are a “one-take” sort of family here). Then I asked my big one to play it on the piano (left hand) and try to match as best as she can to the tune.

Contest: Sing the Zhuyin song on our FB group OR recite zhuyin OR read zhuyin. No matter how you do it, get your child to do it once whether it’s singing, reading or reciting (however you want) or even dance it! Have some fun! Upload on our Facebook Group: Motherly Notes. This is fun and SILLY … not really a contest… let’s have some fun! No judgement allowed! HA!

What you win: the above set of magnets!!!! Foam top, magnet bottom.

Due date: 3/31/2018

This is our version of the song:


This is the song with some piano (sorry, asked her on the spot so it’s not great…. ). She plays by ear so some parts we get stuck and she has to find the tune:

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