Book Review: YES!也算是小超人 Yes, Supergirl!


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Age: 6+ independent

This is such an interesting bridge book. They got me right on the first page. It’s another monster’s book. There are monsters at the school and in this city. The cute monster looks cute but then spit out a huge bubble to trap the teacher and the girl’s dad! They are now floating in the air.

Little girl’s dad is trapped in the bubble but isn’t worried about it. Apparently monsters come all the time in their city. She however helps a cat on the street and then discovers the cat is an alien. Cat offers her “super powers” by chewing a “candy” and meets certain criteria. They range from making people laugh or getting a compliment. With these requirements met, she becomes a super girl with super powers for 15 minutes! She goes around and saves people from monsters. Well written and it’s from my kid’s favorite author 哲也。

Here is the thing with this author. There is always a deeper meaning. The little girl in here is naturally “crippled” with one leg longer than the other. She is only normal when she’s a super girl. Any other time, she’s crippled and cannot walk fast. There’s a boy in her school that always makes fun of her. This boy turns out he’s not so bad in the end when she finds out that the reason he acts up and makes fun of her is because his parents died in a car accident when he was younger.

This book turns into a heartfelt book about a crippled girl and orphaned boy who became friends in their quest to save the city from monsters while acquiring super powers. I highly recommend this book.

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