Book Review: 外公的大衣 My Grandfather’s Coat

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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外公的大衣  My Grandfather’s Coat

This book has a no fail crying spell on me every time I read it so I apologize for the bad read in the in end. It’s yet again another book I was afraid to review for you guys because I am so weak! I just cannot help myself from crying. Yikes!

Given that, it’s a heirloom book. It’s told in the view of a woman telling a story to her child about her own grandpa (or the child’s great grandpa). The life of a tailor who made a coat that got too old and turned into a jacket, a vest, a tie, a toy, a mouse nest, and finally nothing. The jacket was the life of her grandpa. What’s left afterwards was… this story. Super heart warming, greatly built up and then leaves you in an emotional bitter sweet… “mess”!


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