Book Review: 阿摩的聰明藥 Gorilla’s Smart Pill

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent

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阿摩的聰明藥 Gorilla’s Smart Pill

Yet another booger book! This is the story of the Gorilla who secretly ate a booger which he likes to do but the owl saw it. Scared that the owl would find out he ate his own booger, the Gorilla said it was a smart pill. The owl wanted some smart pill too and proceeded to use his own feather in exchange for a pill. The Gorilla didn’t want to tell the truth due to embarrassment so agreed to give the owl a “pill.” The owl of course could not let out this secret and this secret traveled fast throughout the forest and all the animals came to give gifts to the Gorilla in exchange for a “smart pill.” The Gorilla worked hard on producing these smart pills and became so overcome by his lie that he became very sick. The animals of the forest all came and asked him if he was okay only to answer he could not think of a solution to a problem. They all offered their stored “smart pill” to help him think of a solution. He, again unwilling to let out the truth, ATE all of their smart pills. He turned all different colors, couldn’t stand it, and finally told the truth of how his pills were just boogers and all they ate were his boogers. The truth relieved him of his headaches and then on out, he still ate his boogers, … sometimes.

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