Member Post: How We Learned Mandarin With Perfect Accent

We have an amazing member in our Facebook Group. They speak Cantonese at home but Jennifer C (an amazing mom) was determined for her children to learn the proper tones for Mandarin. She suggested:

  1. Put the phonetic guides next to each word you are learning and make sure your kiddos are pronouncing it right every time. 29136337_10155585095131559_997266847508201472_o
  2. Use CDs and MP3’s whenever possible. Here, she loaded her MP3 files onto her iPad and her child just presses on each sound file as she’s reading and follows along so she’s speaking in perfect tone every time! This way, she also controls the speed at which she is learning. So genius. The set here below that they are using is Sage. Sage sound files can be found on their website at Sagebooks HK. Many Chinese learning systems come with the CDs and so now there is even more motivation to get these with the books!

3. Go over how to use each word after they learn them so they understand different phrases. If there’s the English underneath, they can gauge the meaning first and then discuss with her what they think each word means and then they go over different phrases and contexts the new words are used in!

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your video and suggestions! It’s eye opening to see how hard you’ve worked with your children and how amazing they are!

For the full story, please join our Facebook Group on this link!

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