Book Review: 阿文的小毯子 Owen

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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阿文的小毯子 Owen 

This one is a Caldecott winner and it’s super cute. Everyone know a kid always has his or her lovey and this is the story about a little mouse and his lovey. He doesn’t want to let it go and through and through the next door neighbor keeps giving the parents advice on how to get rid of his lovey before he starts school. Time and time again, they “fail.” Then in the end, the mom figured out a way to let him keep his lovey and still go to school. She made a bunch of handkerchiefs with it and he can take one to school each day. They did a bunch of silly stuff in here like dip it in vinegar which he then proceeded to dunk it in dirt and soil so that he could get rid of the smell. They also tried to say there’s a lovey fairy who’ll give him a cool toy if he put it under his pillow. He proceeded to stick the lovey in his pants. The book is quite charming. I highly recommend this one.

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