Book Review: 小恐龍,幫大忙 Roo The Roaring Dinosaur

Age 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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小恐龍,幫大忙 Roo The Roaring Dinosaur

I love this little dinosaur. The illustrations are just so cute. This is the story about a dinosaur and his lovey. He is with his lovey all day. One day an animal fell down from the sky on a hot air balloon. He made friends with this animal (elephant?) and they played together all day. However, his friend was missing his own home but could not get home without his hot air balloon working (since there’s a hole). It was convenient that this hole was the shape of the dinosaur’s lovey. The little dinosaur at first was unwilling to give up his lovey and then after much thought, friendship won over and he gave up the thing he loves most. He helped his friend fix the hot air balloon and whispered a sweet goodbye to his lovey. After a short while, a gift came from his elephant friend thanking him. He received a scarf and now his new lovey. Super sweet and you actually feel a little pain when he gave up his lovey. I really loved this book. Super adorable!!!

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